AHS Class of 1976




As we grow up we make many friends.

Sometimes you grow apart, but the friendship never ends.

Though they may move away, and distance keeps you apart.

Your friends are always still there, deep inside your heart.

Then you see them at the beach, or maybe at the mall.

Then it seems as though they have never been gone at all.

You ask them how they’ve been and they always say they’ve been fine.

Then you start talking and lose all track of time.

You talk about how you cut up in class while the teacher tried to teach.

You talk about how you talked in church while the preacher tried to preach.

You remember how you laughed and played and sometimes got in a fight.

But one of us would call to apologize that very same night.

Then you look at your watch and say,” I’ve really got to go.

You say,” I’ll call you”, even though you know it’s not so.

Then years later, while reading the paper, you get a terrible shock.

You learn the Lord has taken your friend into his ever growing flock.

You think about your old friend, you haven’t seen in years.

Try as you might, you can’t hold back the tears.

So remember your friends often, close you eyes, and you can see their face.

Cherish them dearly, because without them

the world would be a very lonely place.


Written by, Ted Mills upon learning of the death of an old friend.